CPR in a Box*

(Product Code: ZCPRBX)

$49.50 AUD

The CPR in a Box allows individuals to learn the core skills of CPR in under 30 minutes, using their own personal Mini-Anne CPR Manikin. It is a personal learning program that is a revolutionary method of teaching the core skills of CPR. It uses a unique “watch and do” technique where users practice CPR on a personal manikin (Mini-Anne) while watching these skills being taught and performed on a DVD.

This program has been research proven to be equivalent to, or better than, a traditional CPR course for learning the core skills of CPR.

*CPR (Resuscitation) Certificate is included!

After watching the DVD and practising your skills on Mini-Anne you can apply to have your CPR Certificate validated by either:

1. Arranging for a Royal Life Saving Resuscitation Examiner to assess your performance.


2. Attending a Royal Life Saving Assessment Workshop.

Certificate validation occurs when:

An Assessment Seal is placed onto the Certificate is dated and signed.

For further information or assistance please contact Royal Life Saving.  The above Assessment Workshops are available in NSW.  You'll need to check your local state or territory if these are available in your area.

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